2023 WHMA 30th Anniversary Annual Wire Harness Conference – Cableteque

Feb 21, 2023

Last week, Cableteque’s Founder & CEO Arik Vrobel and Sales/Product Manager David Selliman led a WHMA conference panel on Wiring Harness Design validation (DRC – Design Rule Checking). The panel highlighted the industry’s need for effective DRC tools, given the numerous factors contributing to errors. The wire and cable industry is facing significant challenges in maintaining quality standards, as highlighted by the recent WHMA event. One of the primary issues discussed was the need for effective DRC tools to capture mistakes in part selection, given the numerous factors contributing to such errors. These factors include overloaded engineering teams, outdated component libraries, design iterations, and lack of expertise and time.

Overall, the event emphasized the need for better communication and collaboration between engineering teams, component suppliers, and customers to ensure that quality standards are maintained and errors in part selection are minimized. This requires a concerted effort from all parties involved, including investment in better tools, adherence to standards, and ongoing education and training to keep up with industry developments. The electrical interconnect industry plays a vital role in numerous industries, and maintaining quality standards is critical to ensuring the safety and reliability of the products they produce.

Cableteque’s proprietary DRC process, named PIA (Predictive Interconnect Analytics) leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and built-in logic to identify errors and warnings in the design, enhancing the design validation process. The process is CAD agnostic and includes inherent change management, versioning, and collaboration capabilities. Cableteque’s comprehensive material library eliminates the need for customers to develop detailed parts libraries, and the DRC process is designed to ensure that quality standards are maintained and errors in part selection are minimized.