Revolutionizing Interconnect Design: Cableteque’s PIA Transforms the Industry with Design Optimization, CAD Validation, and Design Enhancement tools

Apr 5, 2023

The electronics OEM industry can significantly benefit from the option of having a comprehensive solution to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of interconnect design. This is particularly important for high-reliability industries where interconnections tend to be highly complex, highly sensitive, and face rapid change due to evolving application parameters and constraints within a high-risk, late-cycle project timeline environment.

A growing problem in the interconnect industry is the significant variability in component design, requirements, processes, applications, manufacturing practices, and differences in design software capability. Furthermore, there is a large variability of suppliers, their documentation, and qualifications. These challenges are compounded by customers and OEMs not being deeply skilled in or adequately focused on the technical design details of late-in-the-cycle interconnect systems.

Cableteque has developed Predictive Interconnect Analytics (PIA), a groundbreaking solution addressing these challenges in interconnect design. PIA provides comprehensive design optimization, CAD validation, and design enhancement for complex interconnect systems. By offering a more complete view of the interconnect as a subsystem and extensive design validation capabilities, PIA reduces the risk of costly mistakes and delays in the product design cycle.

By partnering with key players in the industry, Cableteque is providing OEMs with a more comprehensive design validation output. The company has developed tools and processes to perform design validation, shifting the mindset of their engineers and technical team to not only provide a cost-estimate on a prospective interconnect but also perform design validation concurrently. As a result, interconnect designers can better focus on the purpose of the interconnect, rather than waste their time troubleshooting and upgrading existing designs due to mistakes that could have been identified earlier in the design cycle.

Embrace the future of interconnect design with Cableteque’s PIA – revolutionizing the electronic interconnect industry through design optimization, CAD validation, and design enhancement.